Automotive Carpets

Whether it’s a carpet for a car, van or boat, Frontier Trimming can help create and install a perfect fitting, great looking carpeted area that can add some style and class to your vehicle.

  • Floor pans
  • Decks
  • Walkways
  • living areas
  • Wall linings
  • Boots and Sound Systems

Our massive range of quality products come in an array of designs for various applications and usage. We can even make up affordable, protective, matching mats with quality over-locked edges to prevent fraying so you can maintain the brand new look well into the future.

Our automotive carpets come in one or two piece form fit styles and are available for a range of common vehicles. If you have a limited edition or collectors vehicle, then Frontier Trimming can custom make a carpet to form perfectly to your personalised floor pan.

We can also manufacture and install high quality carpets for boats and other marine vehicles that will stand the test of time and create a great new look for you and your family to enjoy.

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