Commercial & Industrial

The safety and welfare of machine operators is always a big concern. To avoid injuries and fatigue and reduce workplace risk it is essential to have well maintained machinery. Frontier Trimming can manufacture industrial and commercial upholstery for fork-lifts and other industrial machinery.

If your business is concerned with personal safety and providing a comfortable working environment for your team, then Frontier Trimming can assist you to design and install a safe, reliable workplace solution.

Don’t Risk Profits over Safety

We offer a comprehensive range of services for industrial and commercial operations.

  • Seat – Our quality seats can enhance driver and operator support and comfort as well as improving efficiency and safety. We can restore all sorts of seats, from trucks to cranes and even forklifts.
  • Mats and Carpets – Our mats and carpets are cut and molded to fit machine floor spaces to avoid tripping hazards and with their specialised design, they can improve sound and thermal insulation.
  • Trims – Padded armrests and access points to replace hard surfaces are just some of the trimming services we offer to ensure a safer, more efficient working environment.
  • Covers – Our high quality protective covers can keep equipment safe and undamaged while in storage or in transit.

We offer a comprehensive range of quality products for you to choose from or you can leave it up to us.

Frontier Trimming offers professional advice that can assist with product selection, thermal and sound insulation, and our team of professionals have to expert knowledge to guide you in caring for your new products.

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