Hood, Dash, Wheel & Other Linings


Damaged and sagging roof linings are a common problem in many vehicles. This problems usually occurs as the bonding material and foam backing break down over time. At Frontier Trimming we can restore your roof lining and reinforce it with a new backing material at a great price.

Our hood lining restoration process involves the removal of the lining and any lights, sun visors, handles and clips. The original lining is then cleaned and the backing replaced. After that, we renew your car roof and secure it in place with an automotive grade adhesive. This process fast and cheap so you can be back on the road in less than a few hours.

We can also restore suspended hood linings on any classic vehicle.

Dash Area

Over time many dashboards can become damaged and harden, leaving unsightly cracks in the vinyl skin. Our expert team of craftsmen can re-skin and restore your aged dashboards with our simple, no-fuss process so you can quickly and cost effectively restore your car’s dash and enjoy it for many years to come.

Steering Wheels

Whether its your daily driver car, vintage car, show car, truck, bus, boat or tractor we can restore any and all damaged, aged or fading steering wheels and bring back that wonderful brand-new look to your vehicle.

All Leather covered wheels are restored using premium leather stock and stitched using quality threads and professional craftsmanship.

Other Linings

Many soft type linings in cars, vans and boats normally include a formed fabric bonded board with a foam type backing material much like that of a car’s hood lining.

As these linings are a soft product it is common for them to become damaged through normal wear-and-tear or simple mishaps.

We can restore your damaged trims and have them looking as good as new. In many situations, fabric colour and texture can be matched to the original product so there’s no need to sacrifice the character and style of your vehicle

  • Caravan and marine cushioned back boards
  • Lining and concealed panels
  • Parcel Shelves
  • Speaker enclosures
  • Show car custom fittings
  • Limousine soft outfitting

Call us now and discover how we can help you restore your vehicle and have it looking new again.